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This site serves to provide you with the most valuable information resources to help you make a most informed decision to vote. We scour the web ensuring non-partisan information sources with little to no tracking software. Ghostery is recommended. It is entirely maintained by volunteer staff. Do you want to help? Even a little help matters. You can help by suggesting an information source or by tipping a cup of coffee.

You Vs. The Candidates

This is a quiz we should probably all take. See how your views line up with the current presidential candidates. This is a most excellent tool provided at

Who's Running?

The two major groups, Republicans and Democrats. Plus many independent & third party hopefuls. (Wikipedia links)

Questions on the ballots?

Find out the potential questions on ballots, besides just "who will win". Use

Learn more about them

At, you will find very detailed information on National and State politicians.

Trace the Money

The Federal Election Commission page on campaign finances helps you see where the money for each candidates campaign is coming from.

More money

See exactly which companies are associated with donations to each candidate using Once you click on the candidate, click "Contributors".

Catch Them Red-Handed

Sometimes presidential candidates or super PACs do too. It's important that they be held accountable when an entire country is at stake. aims to make it so.

There's a lot!

There have been many political parties in the USA. See the full list. However, the interaction of the major parties is quite interesting. (Wikipedia links)

Questionable Statements?

In the heat of the moment or perhaps ignorantly, politicians say things that are wrong. If the news is flipping it different ways on each channel, use to help discern the truth.

Popular Bills and More Money

Bills which have been voted on and more money tracking. Every election more money decides who wins. will help us shed light on that with knowledge one vote at at time.